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If you could be anyone at your school, for a day, who would it be, and why?

uh idk……. there really isn’t someone I’m super interested in being…..maybe a female just because idk what it is to be female.

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so i finally watched pitch perfect last night

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Um, I don’t know how to upload a whole album, i think it works, but yea, here’s my first full album review! 

Album: Notes From the Underground by Hollywood Undead

On a whole, I love this album, but keep in mind, I am a massive HU fan, so very biased. In their regular fashion, the album is split up into party songs, or emotional songs, and while having a fancy for the latter, I enjoy both. Holistically  I feel like the band has really “matured” since their first album and second, “Swan Songs” and “American Tragedy” through production values, and lyrically. This album tinges more and more to a rock like sound, compared especially to their first electronically produced Swan Songs, but not as heavy as their second. 

1. “Dead Bite”: Always first for each HU album, a dark sounding, yet mostly dick waving, ego stroking song marked by a detrimental lullably. I like it, 3 Tears delivers a heavy hitting verse, and Danny’s hook is eerily catchy and beautiful. 

2. “From the Ground”: J Dog really does his thing on this track. His take on the sole heavy metal track on the CD is good, with a smooth, soft hook sang by Danny being followed  by a heavy guitar riff and a cold aggressive verse by J Dog. Great guitar instrumentals and i throughly enjoyed this surprisingly heavy song by HU. 

3. “Another Way Out”: The first party song of the album tinged by a “BadBoys esque sound.”  As most HU party songs go, Funny Man and Charlie leads with his scarily deep voice and Charlie’s shock lyrics. A short but enjoyable song. A carbanger essentially. 

4. “Lion”: The first real emotional jarring song. A tear-dropping intro on a minimal beat by Danny, building into the song, marked by a intimate verse by 3 Tears. Very Linkin Park esque, and beautiful. (see #2) 

5. “We Are”: The leading single of HU’s album is what all veterans should be used to. A powerful, motivational song led by a flurry of passion and anger. Built up from aggressive military sounding drums into a heavy guitar instrumental, “We Are” delivers the best of the band as their single, a worthy single.  

6. “Pigskin”: Stereotypical HU song featuring one of possibly the most catchiest hooks I have ever heard. Funny Man’s creepy voice again dominates along with Charlie’s humorously sexual lyrics. The most club-bangiest of club bangers on this whole record. 

7. “Rain”: The acoustic, softer side of the band, “Rain” is one of my favorite tracks on the album. Switching the hook duties to Charlie, he delivers well as his soft, country-esque voice mixes beautifully with the simple guitar instrumental. Both verses are filled with emotions,dripping with sorrow, yet with a tinge of hope, and a will to fight back.

8. “Kill Everyone”: Um, when i was listening, I was extremely confused by the placement of this song. From the softest, gentleness song of “Rain” HU dives into Charlie screaming “You got the motherfucking right to remain violent.” The overall track, despite the awkward placement, is deliciously standard of the band, as they declare their intentions to kill everyone over heavy drum and guitar instrumentals and simple yet powerful rhymes and Danny delivering a “come-and-get-me” bad boy hook.

9. “Believe”: A sad yet beautiful masterpiece crafted by the band, this is one my favorites as well. Danny gives a beautiful chorus again, but is given the first verse as well, with a sad yet hopeful sounding voice. A song revolving the down times of life, yet always having the will to chin up, beautiful.

10. “Up in Smoke”: Clubbanger #2. Another impossibly catchy hook. Another shockingly explicit yet clever verse by Charlie, yet I never seen to get tired of these. A great song to head-bang to, and to share to your vehicular neighbors on the road. The starlight of this song though, is Funny Man’s verse, the third one. The BPM is slowed down, and his bass filled voice rocks the whole song. 

11. “Outside”: The record is closed out by this heavy song. Very instrumental heavy, and a dark hook by Danny, yet the glitz of the song is defintely 3 Tears. His already emotionally charged voice seems to be even more overcharged, and as I listen, i picture him screaming into the sky, for some reclamation. Amazing song, and a great closing to the album. 

BONUS: My favorite song on the deluxe version is definetly, “Medicine” I will do a personal single on this song later. Thanks for reading! 

Album score: 8.5/10 

(Source: Spotify)

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how often do you masturbate

a fap a day keeps prostate cancer at bay

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  • ARTIST: Hollywood Undead
  • SONG: Lion
  • ALBUM: Notes from the Underground
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#4: Finally, HU release their new album. For some reason, I love this band so much. Their mix between hardcore party songs and emotional songs really appeal to me, with the latter being my preferred. I haven’t really listened to the whole album, but I’ve skimmed, and so far, this has been my favorite. Building up into a stronger beat from a slow, sad piano chord, its an inspirational song, the Lion being whatever you want, your pride, your dignity. Danny’s voice is always beautiful, probably my favorite singer, and 3 Tears’s electronica filled verse isn’t bad. I’ll (hopefully) upload more of HU songs as I listen, but check the band out if you haven’t. 

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Hip-Hop Fights Back: The 5 Best Hip-Hop Albums of 2012


After a long time of listening and reflecting, I’ve finally come up with my top 5 hip-hop albums of the year. Really though, Macklemore did a lot more for hip-hop this year than what most people realize.

1) Macklemore & Ryan Lewis - The Heist

2) ¡Mayday! - Take Me To Your Leader

3) Kendrick Lamar - good kid m.A.A.d city

4) Big Boi - Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors

5) Killer Mike - R.A.P. Music

08 . 01 . 2013
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  • ARTIST: Slaughterhouse
  • SONG: Our House (ft. Eminem & Skylar Grey)
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#2: Slaughterhouse really are amazing lyricists, possible the best right now I’ve heard, but they’re held back because sometimes, their lyrics are so complex they can’t flow correctly or as smoothly as their mentor, Eminem. Nevertheless, I really enjoy this song off their newest album, featuring Eminem and Skylar Grey. An eerily beautiful hook sang in duo by Eminem and Skylar is complimented by each Slaughterhouse member, each rapping about their rise to fame, but in a non-cliche, and fresh way. Royce da 5’9 and Crooked I really do well, along with a never-disappointing Eminem verse.   

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  • ARTIST: Kendrick Lamar
  • SONG: Bitch, Don’t Kill My Vibe
  • ALBUM: good kid, m.A.A.d city (Deluxe)
  • 9 plays

#1: Sorry, I haven’t done these in a while because lazy. But, Kendrick Lamar to start? This is one my personal favorites. Why is he so amazing. Listen to his lyrics. Amazing. Take it however you want, Kendrick takes it two steps farther than any other rapper right now imo. So insightful and emotion wrenching, and then combine it with the smooth beat, and amazing production value. Listen to his voice stacking, its flawless, compare it to other songs, and hear the difference  I actually don’t know who the singer is, as she’s not credited, but she seems to fit perfectly with Kendrick’s singing, and closes with her outro pretty damn well. Kendrick was actually working with Gaga with this song, but she refused after too many effects were used on her voice (she’s good) Listen here: http://vimeo.com/53053348

"To me, that’s amazing. To you that’s a quick check, with all disrespect lemme say this…"